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Baroque Torquiose Necklace Lariat Green Envy
: €144.00
Green Envy
: €168.00

Baroque Torquiose Necklace with

silver spacers and a handmade

silver accent

A twist from the classic with different hued freshwater pearls mixed with tiny Swarovski crystals. 130 cm long.


Can be worn long.
Naturally irregular shaped mother of pearls with a handmade silver lock.
Florence Penny Pearly Shell
: €216.00
: €228.00
Pearly Shell
: €252.00

Philippines natural corals strung in handmade brushed silver accents and especially handmade silver locks.

3 strand od Turkish howlite with Thai Karen silver accents ending with a handmade silver lock. It is a super calming stone that is use to relieve stress and an excellent antidote to insomnia due to an overactive mine

super-calming stone and many people use it to relieve stress of all kinds. It makes an excellent antidote to insomnia due to an overactive mind.
6 string Vietnamese corals with freshwater baroque pearls and mother of pearl shells clasped with a silver lock. A length from 60cm to 82 cm strands.
Bipolar Jackie Fleurs de mer
: €264.00
: €300.00
Fleurs de mer
: €300.00
70 cm to 90 cm long strands of Vietnamese corals and Philippine pearls ending with a cone shaped silver lock.
10 strands of white and champagne coloured freshwater pearls of Vietnamese origin with a silver cone lock. A statement twist to the elegant pearl necklace! Made of quality Philippines coral and cultured fresh water pearls.
Old world Lucky 7 Blues
Old world
: €336.00
Lucky 7
: €336.00
: €360.00
A three strand pearl of small and large pearls in white and champagne hued pearls. Cultured in Vietnam accented with natural rose sculpted corals in beige and pale peach colours. A great addition reminiscent to the old world with a modern twist. Ending with a conical silver locks. Philippines cultured fresh water pearls. Lapiz lazuli with pearls
Mod Venetian Necklace Jade
: €420.00
: €456.00
Champagne hues of pearls, pale rutile with golden flecks, agates and Swarovski crystals. Unique piece.

Venetian Necklace

Matte silver plated in gold with Phrenite stones.

A beautiful piece of Burmese jade with silver inlays strung with small silver findings and jades.
Blues Aquamarine Fishing line
: €552.00
: €840.00
Fishing line
: €1,440.00
Unique necklace of sodalites, crystals, and howlite that help calm the nerves with a handmade large silver leaf. Aquamarine pieces with handmade silver pieces Statement necklace.

A collection of Burmese jade with 98% handmade silver pieces.
Naga Wonder Naga Wonder
Naga Wonder
: €1,620.00
Naga Wonder
: €1,800.00
Antique Nagaland shells with Karen Thai silver. A one of a kind statement necklace! Old shells from Naga land with silver pieces.Unique piece