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Venetian Necklace Baroque Torquiose Necklace Florence

Venetian Necklace

Matte silver plated in gold with Phrenite stones.

Baroque Torquiose Necklace with silver spacers and a handmade silver accent

Philippines natural corals strung in handmade brushed silver accents and especially handmade silver locks.

Jackie Aquamarine Naga Wonder
10 strands of white and champagne coloured freshwater pearls of Vietnamese origin with a silver cone lock. Aquamarine pieces with handmade silver pieces Old shells from Naga land with silver pieces.Unique piece
Lariat Green Envy Penny
: €144.00
Green Envy
: €168.00
: €228.00
A twist from the classic with different hued freshwater pearls mixed with tiny Swarovski crystals. 130 cm long.


Can be worn long.
Naturally irregular shaped mother of pearls with a handmade silver lock. 3 strand od Turkish howlite with Thai Karen silver accents ending with a handmade silver lock. It is a super calming stone that is use to relieve stress and an excellent antidote to insomnia due to an overactive mine

super-calming stone and many people use it to relieve stress of all kinds. It makes an excellent antidote to insomnia due to an overactive mind.
Pearly Shell Bipolar Fleurs de mer
Pearly Shell
: €252.00
: €264.00
Fleurs de mer
: €300.00
6 string Vietnamese corals with freshwater baroque pearls and mother of pearl shells clasped with a silver lock. A length from 60cm to 82 cm strands. 70 cm to 90 cm long strands of Vietnamese corals and Philippine pearls ending with a cone shaped silver lock.
A statement twist to the elegant pearl necklace! Made of quality Philippines coral and cultured fresh water pearls.
Old world Lucky 7 Blues
Old world
: €336.00
Lucky 7
: €336.00
: €360.00
A three strand pearl of small and large pearls in white and champagne hued pearls. Cultured in Vietnam accented with natural rose sculpted corals in beige and pale peach colours. A great addition reminiscent to the old world with a modern twist. Ending with a conical silver locks. Philippines cultured fresh water pearls. Lapiz lazuli with pearls
Mod Jade Blues
: €420.00
: €456.00
: €552.00
Champagne hues of pearls, pale rutile with golden flecks, agates and Swarovski crystals. Unique piece. A beautiful piece of Burmese jade with silver inlays strung with small silver findings and jades. Unique necklace of sodalites, crystals, and howlite that help calm the nerves with a handmade large silver leaf.
Fishing line Naga Wonder
Fishing line
: €1,440.00
Naga Wonder
: €1,620.00
Statement necklace.

A collection of Burmese jade with 98% handmade silver pieces.
Antique Nagaland shells with Karen Thai silver. A one of a kind statement necklace!